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An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving a Global Pandemic


In the face of a global pandemic, you would think that it would be an introvert’s time to shine. And in large part, you’d be correct. However, it’s tough, even for us introverts, to stay inside and follow pandemic rules when we have to. So, hopefully, you feel our pain. And also, you will follow our lead when it comes to surviving a catastrophic, end-of-the-world-like situation.

With this book, the first in a series, I’m ready to share 25 mostly factual, somewhat humorous tips (from an introvert, not only FOR introverts) that will help you conquer your fears… and might make you productive, too. #IntrovertsGuide


Dawson Writes America Presents… Here’s What I Got: The Podcast


I always wanted to build a platform where I could just have conversations with my friends and allow them to share their journeys. Let them speak about their climb. Their struggle. Their victory. How they became an expert in their field. How they’re still attempting to grab hold of this thing called life. I wanted it to be casual. Poignant. One on one. So here it is. Conversations with friends. Story time. In real time.


Dawson Eats America: The Apparel


In 2020, I asked my brother Trel to design a logo that I would use for the second season of Dawson Eats America. So much has happened since then. The pandemic came and put the season on hold. And then unfortunately, my brother passed away. Everything was put on hold. I had to strategize on how to make the relaunch happen while also honoring his talent. This is what #BlackMenCanCook 🥘 is all about: celebrating his genius in the midst of the launch of Season Two. Click the link below to support the brand and Black business.


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My brand partners through the years have ranged from a luxury vehicle industry leader to an academy that helps music and its artists thrive. I’m thankful for the collaborations. read more.

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I write for the love of words. Seeing my words and bylines in various publications never gets old. I’ve been blessed to write for the people that love stories that make a difference. read more.

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Started from a blog, now we’re here. My career has given me the opportunity to do many things. Truly, versatility is key in order to survive and thrive as a writer. I love what I do. read more.

I write about what I know, what I feel, what I’ve experienced, and the experiences of others. I paint a picture, and let the reader create their own canvas. #writerswrite

What Folks Are Saying About

An Introvert’s Guide

The Cubicle Chick

An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving a Global Pandemic is a hilarious funny yet insightful read that showcases ways and ideas that we can all power through this difficult situation, one chapter at a time.”

Trel Robinson

“Whether you’re an introvert basking in the solitude of government-mandated curfews; or an extrovert struggling to make sense of life… An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving a Global Pandemic is a literary tool designed to “fix” your life.”

Yolanda Barnes

“As a fellow introvert, I couldn’t help but nod and laugh all the way through. As I neared the finish line, I felt a strong urge to give the author a high five–from a distance, of course!”