FYS: ‘See You Yesterday’

I always have to admit this before I say anything about science fiction: I’m not a science guy. But, I do love fiction, so that will be my only qualification to discuss the charming film I saw this weekend on Netflix titled “See You Yesterday.” The film, produced by Spike Lee and directed by Stefon Bristol and written by Bristol and Fredrica Bailey, is the “Back to the Future” for Black folks we’ve been looking for since forever. It’s a layered story of brilliant kids designing a way to see the past in a world that was never designed to help them see their future.

Starring real-life friends Eden Duncan-Smith and Dante Crichlow as high school geniuses CJ and Sebastian, “See You Yesterday” marries Black Nerds Prosper with Black Lives Matter, with the brilliant duo killing it in science class and on the verge of cracking the time travel code, all while dealing with a sudden and wrongful death. It’s literally Black to the Future when the teens, and the film does a great job of exploring their friendship even as they explore a way to change the world.

Duncan-Smith and Crichlow are very solid, and their obvious chemistry carries the film, which is good since most of the story isn’t really believable. If only there was a way to go back in time to right a wrong. If only there was a way to stop injustice. If only there was a way to make Bristol and Bailey’s words reality. I want to believe. I really, really do.

The only flaw with the film, which has been talked about since it dropped this Friday, is the ending. It seems unfair that after becoming so invested in the characters and their myriad attempts to right a wrong, it ends with us never knowing if the last attempt actually works. I wasn’t a fan of the writers giviing us the option to choose our own ending. I’d rather you give me a payoff, and allow me to exhale after so much emotional foreplay.

Either way, I co-sgin on the film, and encourage folks of all ages to check it out. It’s a great way to spend two hours, and if you’re a geek, you’ll probably love it. Spend some time with CJ and Sebastian when you get a chance. It’ll be worth your time. Heh.

Ladies and gentlemen, For Your Saturday, it’s “See You Yesterday.” Enjoy.

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