A Few of My Favorite Eats

From The Queen City to The Big Easy, there are always spots where the food is so good, you can’t help but remember them. These are a few of my faves.

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House

Atlanta, GA

I know what you’re thinking, and sure, these appetizers from Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House do look strange. I mean, they’re called Toe Jams for a reason. Each of the flavored peppers take you on a journey, from mild to extra spicy to habanero. If you’re feeling frisky, dare a family member to a contest to see who can stand the heat. You might lose, but with that much flavor, it’s still a win.

The Fountain Bar at The Grove

Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes when you go to The Grove in Los Angeles, the food choices can be overwhelming. I mean, from Maggiano’s to Cheesecake Factory, you can find yourself spinning in place attempting to nail down what you want to eat. Well, spin no more. At the Fountain Bar, located in the middle of the spacious shopping structure, there are only a few things on the menu in which to indulge, and the lobster roll is at the top of the list. Sure you can’t go wrong if you prefer the fried chicken sliders, but honestly, you can have chicken anytime. Treat yo’self to the roll, and watch your body roll involuntary after the first bite. You’re welcome.

Surrey’s CafĂ© & Juice Bar

New Orleans, LA

If you know me at all, you know you can find me in New Orleans at least three times a year. And besides my almost daily stop at Drago’s for their succulent charbroiled oysters, I make sure I also stop by Surrey’s for their breakfast staple and world famous shrimp and grits. Now, if you’re a “sugar in your grits” type of person I can’t help you here. With Surrey’s serving there’s the shrimp that gives you just the right amount of freshness, the bacon which, well… is bacon so yes!, and the gravy. Ohhhh, the gravy. It’s the star of the show. So savory. So tasty. Also, if you really need sugar, order yourself an iced tea. With the spot on Magazine Street, there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait a bit. However, once you place fork-to-mouth for the first portion, you’ll know it was well worth it.


Beverly Hills, CA

If you know anyone in Los Angeles who loves Crustacean in Beverly Hills, hold on to those folks. They are your people. However, if they go with you to Crustacean and don’t order the cracked crab and garlic noodles, they better be allergic to shellfish or it might be time to leave them at home next time you go. Why, you ask? Because unless you’re balling and don’t mind throwing your cash around, the $66 dish is best (for your pockets) when it’s shared. Or… maybe not. Why, you ask? Because it’s so good, you will definitely want more once the shared dish is done. So clearly it’s up to you. And I guess this post was really all about choosing your LA friends wisely. They must be Crustacean-ready, willing and able. Got it? Good.

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