Five Reasons Brunch Is Underrated

As you can tell by the look on my face in this photo, I’m very happy to be sitting in front of a full plate on a Sunday afternoon. There’s something about gathering at an appointed spot to enjoy great breakfast food, but also have the option to have lunch & dinner food as well. Like, for real… having options is what makes life worth living. That’s why brunch, one of the greatest inventions man should ever be proud to take credit for, is so underrated.

What, you’re not convinced? Well, don’t let me hold you, but here’s FIVE REASONS WHY you should not only embrace brunch, you should make reservations for it every weekend for the foreseeable future.

1. The Atmosphere

There’s just something about the buzz that engulfs a restaurant during brunch. It’s a distinct sound of folks being happy, talking loud, catching up on their lives, making poor eating decisions while either getting over the past week or preparing for the next. You’ll hear it when you enter the building and won’t be able to help but smile. Believe that.

2. The Bottomless Mimosas

Sure, there can be other options on the menu (again… OPTIONS!), but there’s something about a mimosa that starts the brunch party off right. There’s even more something about bottomless mimosas that kick the party into another gear. And if the place has different juices to go along with their version of champagne, you’re not only a winner, you’re a boss. Mimosas Forever!

3. The Food

Yup. It’s third on the list, but definitely the most important item on it. I won’t throw around the “option” word again, but come on… only at brunch can you have omelettes, grits and bacon alongside prime rib, burgers and fries. It’s an insane concept: let’s combine two meals in the middle of the day and give the people EVERYTHING they want. One spot I went to recently even had a donut station. Like, you got to design your own donut. For the love of Obese America, I was in heaven. And also very sleepy after I left.

4. The Conversation

There’s a difference between atmosphere and conversation. The atmosphere is the volume of the talking. The conversation is the actual details of said loud talking. Where else can you get together with friends and eat without judgement while also having conversations about how you judge other people? Where else can you gather with people you know and vent about things your kids did, things your boss did, or things your significant other did? It’s brilliant. Like easy therapy with eggs over easy. A holiday over hollandaise sauce. Sign me up!

5. The Bill

Listen, I get it: everybody dreads getting and deciphering the bill at the end of group meals. But there’s something about the brunch bill, which comes at the end of a usually epic session filled with food, folks, and fun that hits different. It’s, pardon the pun, easily to swallow paying for copious meats and dairy and the fixed price for bottomless mimosas (!!!). And since it’s the middle of the day, it’s also easier to identify the person in the group that attempts to break down their portion of the bill to the penny. You can literally tell them to go home, they’re drunk. And then cross them off the invite list for next week, when you all do brunch allllll again. Good times!!

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