My 2020: Still Standing. Still Strong.

Welcome to November.

What a year. It’s forced me to center myself, create more, and realize my worth. And break way out of my comfort zone. During, and probably because of, the pandemic, I’ve secured three executive communications jobs, created a platform for folks to share their stories, wrote my first book (with another on the way), found a way to give my folks their flowers while they’re still around, wrote scripts for major brands, wrote food and drink profiles for a Charlotte outlet, found a way to celebrate one of the best birthdays I’ve ever experienced, traveled through what feels like the entire state of Tennessee, marveled at how different friends and acquaintances have handled their new normal (translation: couldn’t be me… lol), supported as many Black businesses as I could, got real clarity when it came to family, made new connections, still found a way to visit home (I miss you, NYC), learned how to hold my breath while wearing a mask in public, and watched a variety of friends get married, have babies, and get new gigs.

All while mourning the loss of my mom, my baby cousin, and a close friend.

There’s two months left in the year, and I’m spending this Sunday sitting still, finally watching the third season of Ozark (#NetflixandWill), creating even more dope stuff, and preparing for whatever might come next. Lord knows I’ve have practice doing that.

Still standing. Still strong.

Let’s all take a deep breath, and keep going. Cool? Cool.

#ThisIsMe #My2020 #thecreativeyear

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