Dawson’s Ink Presents… #InAMinute: Bridgerton

This year I’m committing to posting quick reviews of television shows, films, and music that I consume. The 60 second videos will be called, appropriately, “…In A Minute,” with each review featuring highlights of series, hopefully giving something you can relate to about the material, or making you curious enough to watch for yourselves.

First up in the series is the Shondaland/Netflix collab “Bridgerton,” which is based on the novels by renowned author Julia Quinn. The vid below lets you know a bit about the series, and I’ll add how hype I was that the period piece included a Black duchess and a Black queen. Needless to say I loved it, and can’t wait for the next season (of eight?!?) to air in 2022. Check the vid below and please share with your network. And then get ready for many more mini-reviews when I get back with you… in a minute. Bong bong.

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