How Sweet It Is: When Russell Stover Claimed a Happy “Victory” for Valentine’s Day

It all started with a concept back in 2018: Make a happy commercial for Valentine’s Day that promotes Russell Stover candy. Seems simple enough, right? I mean, eating the candy makes everyone happy, so creating a song to signify that happiness had to be a breeze, right? RIGHT? In order to create that magic, the company turned to critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Victory Boyd, whose voice makes so many happy on its own, for the collaboration. Boyd, part of the group Infinity Song as well as a solo artist on the Roc Nation label, describes her music as a fusion of Soul, Folk, and Jazz, which would be a perfect fit for the commercial and its happy premise.

What resulted was the song “I Wanna Make You Happy,” which became the soundtrack to one of the best commercials you will ever see. An evergreen ode to receiving the perfect gift, creating the perfect smile, having a perfect moment. Also, Victory’s flawless voice just makes everything better. Peep the commercial below, and then celebrate Love week with a few boxes of Russell Stover. This is not a commercial for the um, commercial. I just saw it and thought I would share. To make you happy. Enjoy.

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