13 Things: Black History Month Edition

1. The biggest thing I took away from #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah isn’t how terrible William O’Neal was, but how young he was. How young they all were. Also, I could watch Dominique Fishback face-act all day long.

2. People who appreciate the way Russell Westbrook plays basketball are the same people that appreciate what Shaq brings to #InsideTheNBA. Those are not my people.

3. After 2.5 years, I don’t miss soda. But when I do, surprisingly it’s not ginger ale, which was my go-to. It’s vanilla creme.

4. I have my next project aching to get out into the world. It’s almost ready to be birthed. Soon come.

5. I miss Los Angeles beaches, sunsets, and happy hours more than I care to mention.

6. I walk my neighborhood a lot, for store purposes and health purposes. And my biggest fear, even at this big age, is being stopped by the authorities for being suspicious walking Black home.

7. Sometimes it feels like the writers of #ThisIsUs feed the siblings’ flaws more than they encourage their healing. Especially with the character Kate. It can be a lot.

8. If my sleep pattern was a fabric, it would be something itchy and inconsistent like polyester.

9. If I’d signed a contract with the Urban League and tried to force my way out of it two years early so I could go work for the NAACP, people would probably side eye me but wouldn’t really care. Now, if by my work ethic I sabotaged UL to force them to release me from said contract, only to go to NAACP and give them my best, I’d lose the respect of a lot of folks and karma would eventually visit my door. Which is why I will never be able to root for the Brooklyn Nets, no matter how well they do this season and beyond, as long as James Harden is employed by them. Can’t respect a sabotager and a quitter. Karma, yo.

10. The new Bruno/Paak album is already the best thing to come out of this pandemic and it hasn’t even dropped yet. (Hi, I’m Will and thine middle name is Hyperbole.)

11. Dear #WhiteCastle: Hey big head. U up?

12. Speaking of sports, between the refs making terrible calls and every player going for three pointers instead of layups at the end of games, the #NBA is slowly becoming unwatchable.

13. In less than six months, I’ll be turning 50 years old. I have so much more to do…

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