12 Friday Things: TV Edition

1. This #RealWorld reunion is a triggering reminder that Becky was indeed the original Becky.

2. Every time I see the tail on Vanessa’s hair during Season 5 of The C*sby Show, I want to send her to My-T-Sharp to get it snipped.

3. Van Jones is so terrible, he made Angela Rye switch networks just to not be associated with him. Heh. #CNNtoMSNBC

4. After watching the portrayal of Aretha’s husband Ted during the first episode of #GeniusAretha, I cannot WAIT to see what Marlon Wayans does with the character in the Aretha film.

5. All-American remains one of the best shows on television. And that’s coming from someone who has always been cool on Taye Diggs’ roles in… everything.

6. However, it’s difficult to find ANYTHING on television better than #Snowfall. Even when Franklin has competing afros in the same episode.

7. Ah, DeLuca. Meh. It was time.

8. Listen, I love #LUPIN as much as everybody else, but um… the scenario where a big, Black man in France can be completely unrecognizable by just putting on a fake mustache is… laughably amazing.

9. The #Grammys are this weekend. That’s all I got.

10. Confession time, here’s what I got: I started watching Season 2 of #Batwoman because the person wearing the suit is Black.

11. Back to the Real World renuion, Heather B. having six jobs, including three radio shows and a cooking show is a whole vibe.

12. Wait. #AMillionLittleThings is still a thing? I guess.

Happy Friday…

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