12 Things I Know. . .

1. I know we like to jump on buzz words as a people, but honestly, “normalize” and “bandwidth” have maybe two of their fifteen minutes left.

2. I know this new Justice League director’s cut is four hours, and that’s just too much.

3. I know what I see each week on #ThisIsUs (well, every third week this season with their terrible schedule): Lyric Ross is a great young actress and should get all of the opportunities.

4. I know it may seem like support just like the terrible idea of Black boxes on IG last year, but posting yellow boxes to raise awareness about stopping #AsianHate is not what should be done. Ever. At all. In life.

5. I know I post about this a lot, but it’s still true: bad wigs in films make my skin itch. This time I’m looking at you J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.

6. I know folks have had a lot to say about Kirk Franklin’s domestic situation, on both sides, but in addition to everything said, “Smile” and “Love Theory” are gifts from the music gawds [insert curse word] [dammit. the word would’ve been dammit].

7. I know what I would’ve done about Leon if I was Saint. But it probably would’ve made for bad television since it would’ve wrapped up a storyline rather quickly.

8. I know it’s supposedly a conflict of interest, but I kinda give Chris Cuomo a side eye every night for his choosing not cover his brother’s scandal. Especially since last year they were having cackle fests almost every night as Andrew was being praised for being “presidential” with his daily briefings. It puts a slight dent in his credibility. It’s the shrinking away from reporting the news for me.

9. I know one thing about North Carolina weather: nothing.

10. I know exactly where I was a year ago today: sitting on my couch watching DJ D-Nice spin and tell stories on IG Live. There were maybe 300 of us watching that day. Over the next ten days, he’d reach 100K and people visiting would include every Democratic Presidential candidate, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

11. I know exactly where I want to go for my next vacation.

12. I know it feels like more than a year has passed since I lost so many folks I’ve cared for, but with those dates coming up, I also know how important it will be for me to protect my peace. I suggest you all do the same as we pass by all of those bizarro dates that will remind us of 2020.

That’s all I got.

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