13 Monday Things. . .

1. I watch a lot of television (even pre-COVID), but won’t be watching the Chauvin trial. I saw what happened. Now I’ll just wait to see what happens.

2. Major #shout to everyone covering their birthdates on the vaccine cards, as if Facebook doesn’t already snitch out your ages. Good times.

3. My new favorite commercial is the one with the young girl who set up the chalk hopscotch on the sidewalk.

4. SO much Blackness happening this weekend: Ready to Love Season 4 on OWN Friday, the Mahalia Jackson Lifetime flick Saturday, followed by the EWF/Isleys VERZUZ Sunday. Also, Moses with the wooly hair. Heh.

5. Support Black businesses. That’s all. That’s the tweet.

6. #Shout to Good Girls, a show which has squeezed four seasons out of a premise that would be solved over two hours on the big screen.

7. I already disliked Ike Turner. After watching TINA and hearing from Ms. Turner’s own mouth the things he did to her… he was a sick, sick man. smh

8. Wrote another script for another event taking place (virtually) in Hollywood this week. Much respect to all of the honorees. Also, hearing people say my words will never get old. My jobs are cool.

9. If you see me this summer with my mask on and my vaccination card around my neck, asking the server for a seat in the vaccinated section of the outdoor patio of a particular restaurant, mind ya business.

10. There are no better naps than the ones taken while watching afternoon baseball games on television. I feel so rested after falling asleep in the third inning and waking up two hours later… in the eighth inning. They games are so long. Good sleep. Good times.

11. The best part of watching The C*sby Show reruns is seeing legendary artists like Leslie Uggams, Nancy Wilson, and Sammy Davis, Jr. et al, make delightful appearances.

12. As the world slowly opens back up, my challenge to myself is to come up with the wildest, dopest, most hypeworthy introductions for my friends when we all gather for the First Brunch. This shall be epic.

13. I say all of that while also recognizing that in true introvert form, I may or may not have conditioned myself to block out all interaction with human beings after a solid year plus of sitting still. If so, First Brunch will be interesting. Sigh.

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