13 Dope Things About Sunday Night’s #Verzuz

1. Verdine White’s pearls. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

2. D-Nice taking #CQ to a larger audience and making SURE he played his new single. He was like, “Stee can call me ‘Nice’ all he wants but y’all gonna get all these Ne-Yo screams.”

3. Stee Harvey telling tall tales and knowing that they couldn’t be edited or skipped like they are during an episode of Family Feud.

4. Ernie Isley on guitar. That man is an underrated legend. Period.

5. The Triller app not being compatible with Airplay and forcing folks to find a bootleg Youtube link. One thing Black folks won’t be is stopped by inept technology. Word to shared passwords.

6. Attempting to determine who had more plastic surgery: Verdine or Ronald. [SPOILER: Definitely Verdine. Man’s skin surface looks smoother than the Chicago Bean.]

7. The fact that slapping some facial hair on an older gentleman (or James Harden, apparently… smh) more times than not takes him to Zaddy levels, which is fine with me since it means I have at least that to look forward to when I reach my golden years.

8. EWF choreography. We seen them two steps, fellas. Count it out.

9. #ThatTime when Ron was feeding Phillip Bailey the lines to one of the Isley songs, giving us a very professional and legendary karaoke moment.

10. This #Verzuz, and the Patti Labelle/Gladys Knight event (fun fact: did you know that their birthdays are LITERALLY four days apart?), feel so much more like reunions than “battles” and bring out the nostalgia and love of music in almost everybody.

11. The continued ridiculousness of Tony Baker and Tyrese on the IG Live feed. If “somebody needs to take their phone away” was a movement.

12. That damn fur coat. That’s it. That’s the other tweet.

13. Get well, DMX. Please. You’ve got so much more to share with the world.

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