11 Randoms. . .

1. I have no interest in watching “Them.” I’m currently on a one-show Lena-involved diet, which includes a heavy investment in “The Chi.” #Dassit

2. I’ve had to stop watching Chris Cuomo’s nightly show. Difficult to see him vehemently berate politicians while refusing to address the sibling elephant in the room. Rules or no rules.

3. You know what would be a really dope birthday gift during #AugustWillSon? A birthday song/greeting from #InfinitySong. Love those kids.

4. Part of me hopes the #Yankees have a terrible season so the managing partners will realize that they can’t be like every other team and remind themselves that they need to spend money in order to win. It’s what they do. Also, this relative penny-pinching ain’t it.

5. Removing family members to preserve your inner peace instead of out of anger is one of the most freeing options available online.

6. “Two Distant Strangers” on #Netflix should DEFINITELY come with a trigger warning. The ending, especially, was too much.

7. I watched “Thunder Force” so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. #NetflixandWill

8. For some reason I always support Dulé Hill projects so I’m all in for the “Wonder Years” reboot on ABC.

9. Fully vaccinated, and still not in a rush to go outside. Just call me “Introvertus Maximus.”

10. There’s a contestant on a reality show named Chrisantheium, and if you think I didn’t have to look a few times to see how to spell that, you’re wrong.

11. Speaking of that reality show, we noticed last night that veneers are on huge display this season. First, congrats to the city of Houston for their obvious dental practice prominence, and second, congrats to the contestants for doing whatever it takes in order to be “ready to love.” Good times.

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