12 Randoms to Distract Me From Daily Trauma. . .

1. This season of #QueenSugar has lovingly placed a spotlight on the men (RA, Hollywood, Micah, Blue, and even Davis), and once again we need to thank Black women (the writers, directors) for seeing us. Really seeing us.

2. Speaking of which, two scenes from the latest episode–one between Ralph Angel and Blue, and another between Ralph Angel and Aunt Vi–totally redeemed what started out as the “hey look, COVID hit St. Joe’s” season. Also, Nova should’ve known this was coming.

3. You know you’re living in different times when you make sure to pack as many masks as pairs of shorts while prepping for a vacation.

4. The penultimate episode of every television series is usually the most explosive. The most defining of the season. Not sure when that started, but I’m pretty sure it was #TheSopranos.

5. #Shameless is officially gone, and I admit I’ll miss those crazy huwite folks. Oh, Liam and Vee, too.

6. There’s a moment during the latest #RedTableTalk, which featured Bobby Brown, where Jada and Willow emit a synchronized “Oohhhhh” and if we’re being honest with ourselves, besides the word “entanglement”, those “Ooohhhhhs” will be the main thing we remember about that show when it’s gone.

7. Each time Taye Diggs has to show emotion on screen, an Uber driver gets a 1-star rating. (Both things are bad, man.)

8. Commercials are on fire right now, but none more than the ones for insurance companies. That GEICO “Aunt Problem” clip still makes me laugh, a year later. “Expired! Expired!”

9. If you haven’t already downloaded the KevOnStage Studios app, I strongly suggest you do so ASAP. The content provides the pockets of joy and laughter we all need. Especially now.

10. Consider this entry your reminder that #ThisIsUs won’t be back until the middle of May.

11. Go to Disney+ for #FalconandtheWinterSoldier and stay for my friend Yvette’s new show, #BigShot. It’s a good time. Thanks in advance.

12. Dear #DoorDash: Please stop forgetting my sweet tea.

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