That’s Just Perfect. . .

Confession time, here’s what I got: I’ve never thought about what a perfect day would look like. I’ve spent so much of my life dealing with my reality that dreams about perfection have never made their way into my subconscious. I know, it’s weird. But so is my life at times. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve often thought about how things could go perfectly for me. But those fantasies include no traffic, or being able to have banana pudding whenever I want it. When I was younger I thought about what the perfect girl would look like, only to be snapped back to reality when I realized I’d probably be too nervous to talk to her if she was in my presence.

I’ve thought about what the perfect song would sound like, or at least the perfect beat. I’ve wondered what it would feel like to be in attendance at a perfect game. To see a perfect sunset or to have a perfect comeback while playing the dozens. Maybe a perfect punch (I mean fruit punch, people. I’m a lover not a fighter), the perfect bourbon or the perfect movie theater (just me and the screen in Dolby sounding greatness!). The perfect outfit (that would have to include sweatpants of some form or fashion, obviously), the perfect haircut, the perfect massage and the perfect screenplay.

Yeah, as you can see it can get to be a lot.

When it comes to food, I’ve definitely spent a good part of my life wondering what the perfect meal would consist of. I thought it would include a perfectly cooked steak paired with a perfectly crusted mac n cheese, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, and the aforementioned banana pudding. I’m gonna let me finish, but if I’m being honest with myself (and with you), I feel like I’ve already experienced the perfect meal.

Picture it: New Orleans. Summer 2021. It was during my birthday week celebration in my second favorite city when a private chef put together a menu for the ages (and for my birthday… heh). Surrounded by the perfect company, the entire experience was amazing and a perfect way to bring in my 50th birthday.

So, there’s that. Which is a huge that. And I know that.

I also know that it’s probably as close to perfection as I’ll get during my lifetime. Unless of course I ever experience the perfect nap (or a perfect night’s sleep for that matter), or get the perfect job (writing for a television show that I either love or have created… which I would also love), or find a way for my beard to be perfectly groomed. There’s so much to dream about and work toward, it’s making my head spin. Which is a good thing since it gives me the motivation I need to make them happen.

And after typing all of this, I have another confession: I won’t stop until I do.

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