Five Reasons You Should Be Watching “Queens” Right Now

There is a new show on ABC that more folks should be talking about. It’s a show about a girl group that formed in their 20s and reunites in their 40s, providing weekly water cooler moments (most intentionally, some not so much) that would be talked about around water coolers if that was still a thing. It’s a show about the music business and the drama that surrounds it and so many other things that showcases not one but TWO icons living, and takes you back to a time when Black music was at its apex, and the world for the icons mentioned seemed so big. So vast. Because they are so talented.

Yes, the show is called Queens, and it features Hall of Fame talents Brandy Norwood and Eve (J. Cooper, as she’s listed in the show’s credits). And while both have graced our television screens before (Brandy with the wildly popular cult classic Moesha and Eve with the marginally successful Eve), this series features the two in their zone of genius: creating and performing music. And acting. I mean, what else do you need?

Well, apparently folks need more. Four episodes in and the ratings show that not enough people are watching. We need eyes on this series, which also stars Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velazquez, and below are five videos from the series that show why Queens deserves your attention.

Let’s take a look, shall we?


OK, instead of easing into these vids, it’s probably best we dive right in by featuring what’s extremely right about the show. Brandy’s vocals. That’s it. That’s the tweet. Her voice is on full display each week, and the artist most folks call The Vocal Bible doesn’t disappoint. Here is her character slaying a cover of the Bill Withers classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Press play, swoon, and then meet me at the next video.

This next video was an unexpected treat, if only because we got to see the characters put each other down um, artistically. It’s a rap battle between Eve and Brandy and while yes, Eve was definitely in her zone and destroyed, it was good to see Brandy stretch a bit. I was allllll in. You should be too. Check it out.

OK. Confession time, here’s what I got: I, Dawson, have a slight crush on Naturi. And while most of us may remember the actress from the film Notorious or the hit series Power, what we need to remember is that she was an artist first with the R&B group Blaque. So, she sings. And here she does it for the culture or, well, the mourners, with a sweet rendition of “Love Will Find Us.” Made me smile, and crush a little bit more.

This was just fun. It features the entire cast, including artist Pepi Sonuga, in a “freestyle” cypher. It just looks like a whole lot of joy, and I’m here for all of it. Even the not-so-great raps. Yup. All-inclusive joy.

This clip shows the group in full performance mode, and features a cameo from another 90s icon, Cam’Ron. Yes, that Cam’Ron. The track is titled “Heart of Queens,” which makes some sense since that’s the borough the group represented when they were in their 20s, and was a foreshadowing of what they’ll retitle themselves as a group 20 years later. Also, don’t @ me about the fact Cam is from Harlem. Just go with it and enjoy the performance. Well, until the end. Sigh.

All in all, Queens is a great drama that features great music and tells the story of four women finding their place in life, love and music. It’s not what we’re used to on network television, which makes it that much more important that we support and give it our views. No, for real. Like, this is our Nashville! So check it out and let’s help the series last. For the love of music, and for the culture.

“Queens”, starring Brandy Norwood, Eve, Naturi Naughton, and Nadine Velazquez, airs Tuesdays on ABC.

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