Five Times South Side Made Me Laugh Out Loud

I know I’m late to the party, and for that I apologize. There is no way it should have taken me two whole years to determine that South Side is one of the funniest shows on television. In my defense, the first season did air on Comedy Central and didn’t have half of the marketing, backing and support of the second season, which is airing where it should, on premium cable outlet HBO Max.

The show, created by comedian Diallo Riddle and brothers Bashir and Sultan Salahuddin (the same crew behind the equally funny Sherman’s Showcase), takes place on the south side of Chicago and is centered around a rent-to-own store and its employees plus the police officers that do everything but protect and serve. And it has no filter to speak of, with characters that have made unpredictability a character trait. There were two episodes I watched earlier this week that made me laugh uncontrollably for five straight minutes, but since those are second season episodes, I won’t spoil them.

What I will do instead in share five times during Season 1 that will not only give you an idea of what the show is about, but also should give you a few laughs you didn’t know you needed. After watching these, you should binge the freshman and sophomore seasons expeditiously. Just know that none of these are safe for work, so lemme just put that disclaimer out there. But otherwise… enjoy.


South Side, seasons 1 & 2, are currently available on HBO Max.

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