What A Time to Be Alive: Sixteen Songs That Turned 30 This Year

Nineteen ninety one was a very good year. A young Dawson was 20 years old and working in radio, deep in appreciation for the music of the moment that turned into the signature sound of a generation. It was the golden era of R&B, and a time when both male and female groups were flourishing and still willing to split earnings and royalties equally. It was high LL Cool J and New Edition energy back then, Whitney and The Winans, BBD and the 3 T’s. Bobby Brown was at the peak of his powers as the self-proclaimed King of the genre, and LaFace and Jam & Lewis dominated the airwaves with their stellar production. To say I loved that time in life would be an understatement. I’d leave captions under each video but honestly I’d rather apply the lessons I learned while on air and let the music speak for itself. Although… if you twist my arm (and by twist my arm I mean buy me a bourbon on the rocks) I will gladly give you a taste of my radio schtick. It was fun. Just like the music. Happy 30th to these tracks!

“Rush Rush” Paula Abdul

“Summertime” DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

“Romantic” Karyn White

“Now That We Found Love” Heavy D. & The Boyz feat. Aaron Hall

“Power of Love/Love Power” / “Don’t Want to Be A Fool” Luther Vandross

“Hold You Tight” Tara Kemp

“Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” PM Dawn

“Motownphilly” Boyz II Men

“O.P.P.” Naughty by Nature

“Iesha” Another Bad Creation

“How Can I Ease the Pain” Lisa Fischer

“I Wanna Sex You Up” Color Me Badd

“Black or White” Michael Jackson

“Emotions” Mariah Carey

“Let’s Talk About Sex” Salt n Pepa

“It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over” Lenny Kravitz

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