One Two Three, On Me: Artists That Made It Look Easy Covering An Adele Song

Note: The Sunday Stream will return next week.

I’ve been intentional about easing into this new year. I left 2021 with a few days of good news and have been really careful to keep that energy flowing as the weekend progressed. After witnessing an epic edition of #CNNNYE and listening to the final edition of #FlowerBombFriday on Clubhouse, I finally fell asleep around 4am. When I woke up, Adele’s “Easy on Me” was on my heart. IT felt like the perfect track to use as an anthem for the year, acknowledging that time never stops while also asking it to be kind. To be welcoming. To be easy.

Of course that led to a rabbit hole down YouTube where so many covers of the track by so many talented up-and-coming artists from the past months caught my ear. Caught my heart. Their passion and talent for telling the story some would say only Adele could tell cemented the song as the one that should walk with me as I navigate the 2022 terrain.

Below are three of the versions that demanded my complete attention. There are more, but three seems like the right amount to share right now. Three covers that I think even Adele would agree are um, easy like Sunday morning. (OK, I’ll stop. Check the covers and let me know what you think).

Will Gittens

This acoustic cover made me smile. His tone, the minimalist accompaniment by the guitar, and the ease with which he hit each note was perfect. I’d never heard of the young man before clicking the YouTube link but now that I see what he’s doing, I will do my best to promote him. Also, he already had two things going for him before he even started: the red beanie that all special musicians wear, and his name is Will, so it was pretty much predetermined that he was a special talent. Check his work over on YouTube.


Gotta admit, I wasn’t ready for this soulful sensation. When he started with the piano I was intrigued. However, when the first note escaped from that voice I was all in. Lloyiso has been doing the damn thing for years, with his covers making big noise on YouTube. He was even on a talent show where his cover of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” made the live audience fall all over themselves. Of course I found that out after listening to this amazingness. Let’s just say Lloyiso made it easy to become a fan. Heh.

Sunday Service Collective

I say this with no remorse and no amount of hyperbolic flair: I like this version better than the Adele track. This is the one that I want to be my anthem for the year. The one that is so soothing, melodic and spiritual. The one that makes the hairs on my neck stand up straight. In fact, this video is the one I will play for anyone who asks me what my favorite song of the year is. Whenever they ask during the year. It’s almost perfect, with the angelic voices standing and singing in the most harmonious ways while the children run free and wild without a care in the world. The whole thing personifies easiness. It’s been on a constant loop since Saturday morning. Also, there’s the part where the Collective conductor kinda warns us where things are going just before the group takes it up a notch. Sure, Kanye is involved but this cover, this version of Adele’s newest work, is all about the Collective. Goodness, it’s amazing.

Let me know some of your favorite covers of Adele’s “Easy on Me” below. Trust me, I want to hear them all. Happy New Year.

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