Everything’s A-OK: The Time James Earl Jones Made History Where The Air Is Sweet

This week is actor James Earl Jones’ 91st birthday. He shares his date of birth with other cultural icons, including forever First Lady Michelle Obama, the late, great Betty White, the legendary Muhammad Ali, and actor Jim Carrey. Every one of those individuals have given us special moments over our lifetimes that will stay with us forever. However Jones holds a special distinction that none of his other birthdate mates can ever claim.

And no, we’re not talking about winning awards in both Hollywood (two Emmy Awards, one Grammy Award) and on Broadway (three Tony Awards). We’re not talking about having the most recognizable voice in the world, voicing legendary characters (Darth Vader, King Mufasa) in two historic film franchises.

Although all of that is worth noting and in some cases historic, it’s this bit of history that we’d like to celebrate on the occasion of Mr. Jones’ 91st trip around the sun–he was the first celebrity guest to ever appear on Sesame Street. How about that. The year was 1969, and it what happened describes what a lot of folks would say they would want to happen when it comes to Jones when they say that his voice is so amazing they would listen to him read the phone book.

Well, the man who overcame a severe stutter to become an icon came close to that here and here, but I’m sure they’d settle for him performing another act: reciting the alphabet. And yes, it’s as riveting as you’d imagine. Check the video below and give him a round of applause for his lifetime of achievement. He definitely deserves it.

Happy Birthday, James Earl Jones.

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