A Short Stop: When A Person Steeped in Scandal Made A Really Dope Speech On… Scandal

I don’t and won’t be known as a person that advocates for the actions of Columbus Short, the person. Just this past weekend he was arrested for yet another domestic violence incident. It’s a sad situation and also an unacceptable one that will likely keep him from ever fulfilling his potential as an artist. In fact, it was this behavior that led to him leaving one of his gigs, which ironically is the same gig that causes me to even mention his name at all during Black History Month.

His character Harrison on the show Scandal gave us one of the most memorable speeches during the entire run of the show (and there were plenty: Papa Pope, anyone?): The “Gladiators in a Suit” speech. What a scene. It set the tone for what the show would be, igniting its run as a ratings juggernaut. Do you remember? Well, don’t worry. The video is below.

Check the clip and then please join me as I continue to pray that he finally and ultimately gets the help that is long overdue.

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