History Happened: Seven More Black 90s Sitcoms You Might Not Remember

As we discovered before, the 1990s airwaves were filled with Black sitcoms. Some were good, some were ungood, some didn’t last a full season, some didn’t even last a few episodes. Either way, they were all greenlit and given a chance. Which means that even though the ideas weren’t sound, they sounded good enough to be given a timeslot. Below are seven more Black sitcoms from the 90s that didn’t make it past its Sell By date. But they existed. And that counts. For something. Or everything. Got it? Good. Or Goode. Heh.


(1997) seven episodes

Starring: Arsenio Hall, Vivica A. Fox

Premise: A newly married guy trying to figure out the matrimony thing.

You Take the Kids

(1990) six episodes

Starring: Nell Carter, Roger Mosley, Mos Def, Caryn Ward, Leila Danette

Premise: A blue collar family living in Pittsburgh.

Rhythm & Blues

(1992) 13 episodes

Starring: Anna Maria Horsford, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Ron Glass, Miguel A. Nuñez, Jr.

Premise: The owner of a black radio station hears the soulful voice of Bobby Soul and offers him a job on her station. But is stunned when she discovers that he is white. At first she is apprehensive about having him work there but eventually decides to give him a chance.

Here and Now

(1992) 15 episodes

Starring: Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Darryl Mitchell, S. Epatha Merkerson, Rachael Crawford

Premise: A recent college graduate who majored in psychology returns to his old neighborhood in Harlem to become a counselor at a local youth center.

Good News

(1997) 1 season

Starring: David Ramsey, Roz Ryan, Guy Torry, Jazsmin Lewis, Tracey Cherelle Jones, Alexia Robinson

Premise: A fledgling pastor runs a reluctant congregation.

Sugar & Spice

(1990) seven episodes

Starring: Vickilyn Reynolds, Loretta Devine, LaVerne Anderson

Premise: Two sisters with opposite views on life raise their niece in a small town.

Goode Behavior

(1996) 1 season

Starring: Sherman Hemsley. Dorien Wilson

Premise: A paroled con man is released into the custody of his estranged yuppie son, who is less than thrilled with the arrangement after being named dean of humanities at a North Carolina university.

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