Cop it or Pop it: These Four Black Series are Currently on the TV Bubble

Welp, it’s May and besides the always dependable Justin Timberlake and Star Wars memes, this time of year means it’s time to find out if your favorite shows will be back for a new season. Sure, stalwarts like Grey’s Anatomy and all 37 Law & Orders will be back, and the dinosuaric Simpsons and Family Guy are a foregone conclusion. It’s those other shows, the ones that haven’t been around too long, or the ones that are simply trying to make it to a sophomore season. Will your favorites make the cut? Only time (and this month) will tell. Let’s take a look at four that made their presence felt, but still haven’t solidified a spot in Fall’s starting lineup.

All American: Homecoming


This freshman drama takes place in Atlanta on the campus of the fictitious Blankston University, and its first season has been somewhat entertaining. And it’s got all the makings of a long-standing drama: love triangles, post-teen angst, beautiful Black folks, and a cushy timeslot behind the series from whence it came, the ratings darling All American. Hopefully the CW is simply crossing its Ts and dotting its I’s. We need series like this to succeed.

Grand Crew


I’ll admit it: I didn’t love Grand Crew after the first few episodes. I saw it as silly and unsubstantial. But then I realized, that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s Black people just having fun and trying to get laughs. Once I viewed it from that prism, it all made sense. And I became a fan. Here’s hoping the brass at NBC feel the same way and we get more of the wine crew in our lives early next year.



This show was just the opposite for me. I started out lauding the Ava DuVernay production and couldn’t wait for it to win me over. It never did. But that’s OK, because everything isn’t for everybody. I like my DC hero series with a liiiiiittle more substance than this one delivers, and nothing in the writing made me want to check back after I let it go. However, those types of series can flip at any time and with the appearance of a dope super villain or even a slight shift in the writing, it could quickly get back on track. Will the CW allow it? We shall see.

The Wonder Years


Easily my favorite series of the four spotlighted, and it has had a strong freshman season. It had everything to overcome: being an all-Black cast on network television, living up to the show’s original iteration, casting a relative unknown in the lead role… and it’s surpassed all obstacles. The fact that it’s still on the bubble doesn’t make sense to me. But alas, everything happens in its right time. Hopefully we’ll have more years of the Wonder Years as young Dean Williams leads the way.

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