Summer, Summer, Summertime: This Slate of Eight Returning Series Will Get You Through the Upcoming Solstice Season

OK, so Memorial Day has passed, which means it’s unofficially Summer 2022. And if you’re like me, after a spring television season that saw us say a final goodbye to a few series (Black-ish, This Is Us) and welcome new favorites (Abbott Elementary, Grand Crew, The Wonder Years), you might be overwhelmed and need a minute to regroup. Thankfully, the next few months will give you some time to ease into this new reality as we welcome back at least eight series that could attempt to either add to the void left open, or at least add to your summertime fun.

Let’s check the list to see what’s coming back like a vintage Lalah Hathaway song and if there are more you’re looking forward to, please leave a comment and let us know. Let’s go!

The Boys

June 3

Amazon Prime

The action series will be back an eight episode third season, led by all of the usual suspects and even more madness. It’s The Seven vs. The Boys one more time, and if the first two seasons are any indication, those “superhero celebrities” will NOT go down without a well-publicized, unethical, criminal fight. And we can’t wait.

The first three episodes premiere on Amazon Prime June 3rd, with one episode premiering the following five weeks.


June 3


Finally, after over a year and countless protestation, the sophomore season of the breakout series is ready for its spotlight. It might be good to look back to re-familiarize yourself with what went down at the Pynk (or at least to recall how to spell Mississippi) and what might be next for some our favorite misfits.

All Rise

June 7


I must admit: I was among those who were figuratively swinging at the air in frustration when CBS announced that the courtroom serial was being canceled after its second season. Then along came OWN, who did what rarely happens when it comes to television: they saved it! And we are more than grateful. Here’s to a successful Season Three for Judge Lola Carmichael and the crew.

Peaky Blinders

June 10


I won’t lie: it’s felt like much longer than just three years since Season Five of the BBC series aired in America. So there’s a lot to catch up on before the sixth season finally hits our screens. Thankfully, we’ve had more than enough time to catch up on the antics of the Shelby clan and also have more than enough confidence that whatever they have cooked up for this next season, it will be epic.

Only Murders in the Building

June 28


Here’s the thing about this Hulu series: the freshman season was such a success, it went into production earlier than expected and is already back and ready for a sophomore summer run. And sure, we pretty much knew what the three main characters would bring even before the series aired, but who knew that the actual building used in the production would also have star billing? Hulu has a winner on its hands and thankfully they’re sharing it with us ASAP.

The Upshaws

June 29


I’m not even sure Netflix knew what it had on its hands when this series first premiered a year ago. Sure, they had above the fold stars on the roster, but these days, with chemistry playing a huge role in the success of any show, there had to be some reservations. That is, until it aired and the series took off, flipping the family sitcom on its ear with real talk, real situations, and real… yup, chemistry. Season Two is right on time and we literally can’t wait to see what the Upshaws are, um, up to.

Better Call Saul

July 11


Yes, it’s true. The first part of the series’ final season just finished airing seven episodes in May, and is coming back way sooner than later to finish its six season run on AMC. It’s a rare thing for a prequel to be as good as the series that made it possible, but this one has kept us enthralled since its first scene. It’ll be hard to say goodbye to Saul and dem, but what will hopefully make it a bit easier is literally knowing what happens next.

The Ms. Pat Show

August 11


If you want to talk about breakout hits, you need look no further than this series, led by standup comic Ms. Pat. I mean, sure BET probably knew what it was getting when it greenlit the 10-episode first season last summer. What it couldn’t predict is how quickly audiences would connect with the sitcom, making it one of the signatures shows on its streaming service. If you read Ms. Pat’s story you know she’s been through a lot. Thankfully, with the second season on the way, we’ll be able to go through it with her.

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