And That Makes Three: These Tracks Have Become Part of My Daily Routine–A #BlackMusicMonth Appreciation Post

We’re in the sixth month of 2022 and so far, this year has been a LOT. I stopped watching the news on a loop last year, and there are only so many sports podcasts I can listen to in order to distract myself from what’s going on in the world. So of course, like I’ve always done I turn to music to help me make it through.

In addition to listening to my favorite 90s R&B/Hip-Hop playlist, I’ve spent the first few months of the year curating an inspirational playlist that I can listen to every day, before I start my day. I mean, sure so far there are only three songs on the list, but right now, they’re more than enough. I’m gonna list my songs below, but I’d really love for you to share the inspirational songs that help you cope, deal and thrive.

Cool? Cool. Sharing is caring, so let’s do it.

“Communion in My Cup” | Tank and the Bangas Feat. The Ton3s

This band has become one of my favorite things about New Orleans and every time I go, if Tank and the Bangas are playing somewhere I will be there. They had me at Think Tank, but over the years, witnessing their growth and seeing them explode as festival favorites makes me feel like a proud uncle. This latest track, with the Ton3s, is the daily balm I need to get me started. It’s like the vocals are the soothing wine while the instruments um, crack. I love them. And this track.

“Lord You’re Holy Ballin'” | Sunday Service Choir

Say what you want about its founder, but this Sunday Service Choir is essential and extremely talented. This song popped up as a “track you might like” one day back in March and I haven’t looked back since. Recorded live in Paris, France, the choir director sets the tone and the choir takes it from there. I can’t tell you how often I catch myself singing to myself “Your love is forever, yeaaaaa!” It’s addictive, and the perfect track to get you going and ready to face the day. Get you some.

“Easy on Me” | Sunday Service Choir

And of course this was the track that started it all. It’s the one I adopted as my 2022 anthem, and this choir adapted the Adele song into a prime praise break. It sums up everything I needed and had been feeling as the new year started, after every loss and heartbreak and disappointment and need for peace filled my spirit. I just want things to be easy on me. Listening to this choir sing this track every morning reminds me that music is always the answer. And when delivered by this choir, it makes it easy to believe in it as the answer to everything that ails you. Enjoy.

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