Tees Even A Mother Would Love: The Impeccable Dressing Style of The Boys’ Marvin T(ee). Milk

If you know me at all, you know that my “uniform” for the past decade or so has been a dope tee and a pair of jeans. It’s what represents freedom to me: finally free from wearing slacks and a dress shirt to an office or hard bottoms to a club (90s New York, you get me). It’s when I moved cross country to the west coast that I promised myself that comfort would be my #1 priority. It works for me. Everyday. Well imagine my delight when seeing one of the main characters on the Amazon Prime series The Boys adopt that same attitude. Yup, one of “the Boys”–Marvin T. Milk aka Mother’s Milk aka MM–who is also from Harlem, dresses comfortably in dope tees and jeans. Played by former Verses and Flow host Laz Alonso, the anti-hero makes sure he’s stylish while taking down the super heroes villains. Good times.

The other day on Twitter I suggested someone should put together a thread of all of the tees MM has rocked during the series’ first two seasons. Well, the good people at Nerdist did just that (I would never suggest they heard my plea, but they made it happen so here we are… heh) and it’s a really dope list. Please, please, please go to their piece to see the full accounting (they have fun captions to accompany each photo), but below are a few of the screenshots they gathered of Laz and his character’s badass shirt collection (the “Phife Forever” and “X” tees are two of my faves). Take a look and enjoy.

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