EMM-Canto? The Television Academy Needs to Say Moore About Why They Don’t Talk About Mandy

We need to first acknowledge the great performances that have taken place over the past year. Whether it be drama or comedy, series regular or appearances by guest stars, we are all better for the incredible work actresses have put in on television and via streaming service. And rightfully, a lot of them have been rewarded this week with Emmy nominations. It goes without question that they were all worthy. Applaud them. And then come back here, because with that applause comes the other side of Emmy week: the snubs. And one of the most egregious miscarriages of television justice we need to talk about is the snub of Mandy Moore, who put in extraordinary work as Rebecca Pearson on NBC drama This Is Us.

I think it needs to be said that Moore’s work wasn’t more extraordinary than any of the other actresses that were nominated this year. However, it was just as good and deserved to be recognized. No, like for real. Over six seasons, Moore has gone from inexperienced actress to seasoned performer. Her range has been remarkable, volleying between young mother and aging grandmother, a character diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and tasked with interacting with every other character from each timeline.

Whew. That’s a lot.

And Mandy was up for every challenge, with a performance so deft and nuanced that it helped you forget she was playing different stages of life.

After this week’s snub by the Television Academy, which just carried on with their annual ignoring of Moore’s work, voters really need to give us answers. They need to weigh in on why Moore’s performance wasn’t good enough. Why she wasn’t given consideration. Recognition. Why what she was able to do on television wasn’t worth a nomination.

In a perfect world, we’d get said explanation. This isn’t a perfect world. When asked why she believed she was overlooked for a nom this year, Moore was gracious to a fault, saying:

“Do I wish our show was recognized in what I think was its finest hour? Sure. And Dan Fogelman’s brilliant writing for 6 seasons (hello THE TRAIN)? Ken Olin’s impeccable direction? Our insanely, wildly talented cast and crew? Yah. Nothing can take away what our show meant to SO MANY (us included). That’s an incredible legacy to be a part of. I will be grateful forever.”

Mandy moore — actress, this is us

That’s a wonderful statement. It showed class. And range. And a way to celebrate everyone that worked on the show. What we, as fans of Moore and This Is Us were hoping was that there would be a moment this September when the Emmys and all of her peers would get the chance to celebrate Moore’s six seasons of stellar work. Alas, that won’t get to happen, so we have to do it here. And every chance we get. Let her know that she made television better. It’s only right.

(Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The Television Academy did what they did. That was them. This is us.

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