In Honor of Black Music Month: Ten of My Favorite Songs

Recently, I was confronted with a hypothetical scenario in which the choices were, ‘Spend a year in jail, or Spend a year without music’. It didn’t even take me a full minute to reply that I’d have to get my mind right for that year in jail, because music is life. It’s my life, likeContinue reading “In Honor of Black Music Month: Ten of My Favorite Songs”

Ranking the Jeopardy! Guest Hosts So Far…

It’s been six months since guest hosts have been filling the Jeopardy! seat of the late, great Alex Trebek. We’re halfway through the year, which means it’s time to rank the worst… to first.

12 Randoms to Distract Me From Daily Trauma. . .

1. This season of #QueenSugar has lovingly placed a spotlight on the men (RA, Hollywood, Micah, Blue, and even Davis), and once again we need to thank Black women (the writers, directors) for seeing us. Really seeing us. 2. Speaking of which, two scenes from the latest episode–one between Ralph Angel and Blue, and anotherContinue reading “12 Randoms to Distract Me From Daily Trauma. . .”

11 Randoms. . .

1. I have no interest in watching “Them.” I’m currently on a one-show Lena-involved diet, which includes a heavy investment in “The Chi.” #Dassit 2. I’ve had to stop watching Chris Cuomo’s nightly show. Difficult to see him vehemently berate politicians while refusing to address the sibling elephant in the room. Rules or no rules.Continue reading “11 Randoms. . .”

13 Dope Things About Sunday Night’s #Verzuz

1. Verdine White’s pearls. That’s it. That’s the tweet. 2. D-Nice taking #CQ to a larger audience and making SURE he played his new single. He was like, “Stee can call me ‘Nice’ all he wants but y’all gonna get all these Ne-Yo screams.” 3. Stee Harvey telling tall tales and knowing that they couldn’tContinue reading “13 Dope Things About Sunday Night’s #Verzuz”

13 Monday Things. . .

1. I watch a lot of television (even pre-COVID), but won’t be watching the Chauvin trial. I saw what happened. Now I’ll just wait to see what happens. 2. Major #shout to everyone covering their birthdates on the vaccine cards, as if Facebook doesn’t already snitch out your ages. Good times. 3. My new favoriteContinue reading “13 Monday Things. . .”

11 Things I Loved About Genius: Aretha

1. Robert Glasper’s 30 second cameo as Art Tatum. 2. The scene with the pizza box on top of the piano. 3. Courtney B. Vance’s phenomenally slicked back hair wig. 4. The real footage of Aretha with Annie Lennox. 5. The actor who played, and looked remarkably like, Clive Davis. 6. The actress who playedContinue reading “11 Things I Loved About Genius: Aretha”