Protect Black Women: Three Times Cory Booker Made These Historic Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Must-See TV

This week’s confirmation hearing has been historic on so many levels. However, it was Senator Cory Booker, straight outta Newark, that made it must-see TV.

What’s It Four? Meh-king Sense of the Current Season of the Meandering Mrs. Maisel

There’s something different about this season of the Amazon Prime series. Something that needs to be fixed before the thrill of Mrs. Maisel is gone for good.

A Short Stop: When A Person Steeped in Scandal Made A Really Dope Speech On… Scandal

Columbus Short has proven to be a troubled soul. And it’s sad. Today we look back to when he was a gladiator in a suit, and exemplified Black excellence. A Black History television moment, indeed.