Here’s What I Got: The Podcast

I always wanted to build a platform where I could just have conversations with my friends and allow them to share their journeys. Let them speak about their climb. Their struggle. Their victory. How they became an expert in their field. How they’re still attempting to grab hold of this thing called life. I wanted it to be casual. Poignant. One on one. So here it is. Conversations with friends. Story time. In real time. Here’s what I got.

Here’s What I Got: The Podcast

Episode 1: Ehren “Kataalyst” Alcindor

I remember the first time I met Ehren “Kataalyst” Alcindor. It was in Hollywood during Season Three of Lexus Verses and Flow. He was a quiet force that commanded the stage. That week we sat down for a conversation and later that summer when the crew flew to New Orleans, he showed us his city. This time he shares his soul, detailing his journey, telling stories about family, how he got his stage name, and sharing why he decided to start Mental Health Mondays on Facebook.

Episode 2: Ed Mabrey

There’s honestly nothing Ed Mabrey can’t do. He lives his life the way most people wish they did: with intention and without fear. I remember our first conversation, on the set of the television show in Los Angeles. Back then we talked about his poems, and his motivation to write and perform said poems. Since then I’ve learned so much more about the Ohio native. This time our conversation covers his early years all the way up to the time a King of Comedy co-signed him ON SIGHT. You really need to hear that story.

Episode 3: Cristal Bubblin

She’s literally one of my favorite people. I probably started following her online before we finally met when we both moved to Los Angeles. She was an East Coaster that went on to do radio, then started killing it on the improv stages, and is now acting, producing and hosting a really dope improv show. This conversation was a long time coming. We get to know how she got here. The steps it took. How it’s paid off. Plus, some chat about the million 90 Day shows that come on every day. My friend Cristal… sharing her journey. Right now.

Episode 4: Rhome Anderson

There was a summer in Chicago that changed the way I did things. It was after meeting up with Rhome Anderson aka DJ Stylus aka The Vibe Conductor and performing on a stage during a conference. We bonded that night, and nothing has been the same since. Or at least that’s how I remember it. This episode was a long time coming, taking us to Rhome’s DC as he breaks down the 90s art scene, the origins of go-go music, and how he became the musician he is today. The DC native Rhome… Right now. Let’s go!

Episode 5: Diandra Lyle

I met Diandra through our mutual friend David on a random Sunday in Los Angeles. A group of us did brunch and small talk and got to know one another, and from that day one we were cool. Then I started seeing her everywhere–in web series and guest starring on television series, and got to brag that I knew her. Our conversation is wide-ranging, but really speaks to her journey and ability to transition from a 9-5 to the life of an actress. Check this one out. So many gems.

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