Day 8: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80 Final 10

This is it, the FINAL REVEAL of Dawson’s Ink Presents… THE #INK80. Over the past few weeks, you’ve rocked with me as I’ve celebrated my friends and folks I know that are Activists, Advocates, Artists, CEOs, Changemakers, Creators, Entrepreneurs and Innovators. And while I won’t say that I will ever do this again, what IContinue reading “Day 8: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80 Final 10”

Day 7: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80

For the past week and a half, I’ve been showing love to all of the folks I haven’t been able to see and hug and give daps to and have drinks with and break bread with during this crazy, crazy year. It’s been fun, and honestly, I never knew how much I needed this: aContinue reading “Day 7: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80”

Day 5: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80

Sooooo we took the weekend off in order to catch up and savor the FIRST 40 of The #INK80, which is a list of folks that I know and haven’t been able to see during this unusual year. So I’m using an unusual way to give them all the props they deserve. Are you allContinue reading “Day 5: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80”

Day 3: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80

Thank you all for checking out The #INK80, where we are celebrating folks that are making contributions to society, and to the culture. This is Day 3, and today’s 10 are Activists, CEOs, and Changemakers. And by now you know that all “rankings” were determined by alphabetical order. Here’s the links to catch up beforeContinue reading “Day 3: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80”