Happy 25th Anniversary, ‘Brandy’

Timeless. That is the word that I think of when discussing the album Brandy. IAll of the tracks on the debut album from singer/actress Brandy Norwood resonate on many levels, from first love to first heartbreak, with great friendship in between. The album, released by Atlantic Records in September of 1994, was one of the first albums of itsContinue reading “Happy 25th Anniversary, ‘Brandy’”

Happy 30th Anniversary, ‘Stay With Me’

I remember where I was when I first fell in love with Regina Belle‘s voice. I was standing in front of my radio listening to her golden voice as she belted out the ad libs to “Baby Come to Me.” That wasn’t from her first album, All By Myself (although looking back, the single “Show Me the Way”Continue reading “Happy 30th Anniversary, ‘Stay With Me’”

Happy 30th Anniversary, ‘Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814’

It was a soundtrack of a generation. That’s the best way to describe the album that changed many lives, that taught a generation how to use its voice for both activism and entertainment. For music and a movement. From the all black everything outfits to the innovation that gave the concept of a music videoContinue reading “Happy 30th Anniversary, ‘Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814’”

Happy 20th Anniversary, ‘Let There Be Eve’

I don’t remember where I was when I first heard Eve on my radio. All I know is that when I did, I made that face you make when you hear something different. Something so dope, you weren’t ready for it. At all. And that was just on a guest verse. Since that first time, the self-proclaimedContinue reading “Happy 20th Anniversary, ‘Let There Be Eve’”

Happy 30th Anniversary, ‘Raw’

No, this post is NOT about the Eddie Murphy comedy special, Raw. It’s an appreciation post for the 1989 album Raw by Def Jam recording artist Alyson Williams. You remember that Raw, right? You should. It was the project that gave us the smash singles “My Love is So Raw,” “Just Call My Name” and “I Need Your Lovin’.” It wasContinue reading “Happy 30th Anniversary, ‘Raw’”

Happy 30th Anniversary, ‘3 Feet High and Rising’

Today, we come together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album 3 Feet High and Rising. Let’s start there, and continue by giving iconic Hip-Hop pioneers De La Soul their psychodelic flowers while they’re still here. And thriving. And touring. And giving us the music that is the soundtrack of our lives.  I remember where I was when IContinue reading “Happy 30th Anniversary, ‘3 Feet High and Rising’”

Happy 25th Anniversary, ‘Pronounced JAH-NAY’

It was a cruise around New York, sponsored by ZIMA, a weird clear wine cooler that I’m guessing became the primary donor due to the first initial of the names. Either way, that was the first time I saw Zhané perform live. And my life was never the same after that. Their first single was a smash. “HeyContinue reading “Happy 25th Anniversary, ‘Pronounced JAH-NAY’”