A Short Stop: When A Person Steeped in Scandal Made A Really Dope Speech On… Scandal

Columbus Short has proven to be a troubled soul. And it’s sad. Today we look back to when he was a gladiator in a suit, and exemplified Black excellence. A Black History television moment, indeed.

13 Things: Black History Month Edition

1. The biggest thing I took away from #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah isn’t how terrible William O’Neal was, but how young he was. How young they all were. Also, I could watch Dominique Fishback face-act all day long. 2. People who appreciate the way Russell Westbrook plays basketball are the same people that appreciate what Shaq brings toContinue reading “13 Things: Black History Month Edition”

Look Back at It: ‘U Will Know,’ Black Men United

It’s been a very strange and twisty Black History Month, but there’s no way I could let it end without acknowledging the anniversary of one of the most Blackety Black moments in the history of Blackness. Ever. Yup, this year, the track “U Will Know” by Black Men United turns 25 and despite the grainy photo I had to grabContinue reading “Look Back at It: ‘U Will Know,’ Black Men United”