EMM-Canto? The Television Academy Needs to Say Moore About Why They Don’t Talk About Mandy

It really doesn’t make any sense. And while there were several extraordinary performances over the past year, Mandy Moore’s role as matriarch Rebecca Pearson deserves more recognition… and respect.

Tees Even A Mother Would Love: The Impeccable Dressing Style of The Boys’ Marvin T(ee). Milk

For two seasons, The Boys’ Mother’s Milk has stunted on us with a dope tee collection. Thanks to the folks at Nerdist, we can now take a look at some of his best homages.

It’s Giving Black Excellence: Four Upcoming Films That Will Showcase the Very Best of Us

It’s been an amazing time for Black cinema, with several actors and films being recognized and honored for their incredible work. Films like Judas and the Black Messiah, King Richard and The Harder They Fall have set a standard for Black art that will undoubtedly propel the next wave of films forward. Over the nextContinue reading “It’s Giving Black Excellence: Four Upcoming Films That Will Showcase the Very Best of Us”

A Bit Sketchy! Four Episodes Letting Us Know Why We Should All Be Talking About That Damn Michael Che

There’s a sketch show on HBO Max that more people need to be talking about. Yes, for the laughs but also for the creator: that damn Michael Che.

And That Makes Three: These Tracks Have Become Part of My Daily Routine–A #BlackMusicMonth Appreciation Post

There’s too much going on in the world. In order to escape, I’ve curated a daily playlist that helps me center myself. Check my list, and share yours.

Summer, Summer, Summertime: This Slate of Eight Returning Series Will Get You Through the Upcoming Solstice Season

It’s unofficially summertime, which means that the just-completed spring season is making way for the return of some faves. Check the list and get ready for some summer TV fun.