WORLD PREMIERE: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The 2020 BIG WILLIE AWARDS!

It’s ALWAYS time to celebrate Black culture, and what better way to do it than with a world premiere. Over the past few weeks, you’ve voted for your favorites in the fields of television, music and literature. You’ve waited patiently for the winners to be revealed. TONIGHT, we premiere the 2020 BIG WILLIE AWARDS, rightContinue reading “WORLD PREMIERE: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The 2020 BIG WILLIE AWARDS!”

Dawson’s Ink Presents… The 2020 BIG WILLIES!

I wanted to do one more thing–one more BIG thing–before 2020 ended. After creating this, and then this, there still seemed like something was missing. Something that would add an exclamation point to the year. Or at least a period. And then it hit me: an interactive award show where even more flowers can beContinue reading “Dawson’s Ink Presents… The 2020 BIG WILLIES!”