FYS: ‘David Makes Man’

I have to admit, I held off on writing a review or recommendation for “David Makes Man” for a few weeks. I wanted to watch a few episodes before I established an opinion. Especially after the first two weeks. They took us on a trip that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be on. However,Continue reading “FYS: ‘David Makes Man’”

FYS: ‘Sherman’s Showcase’

There are a few new sketch shows on television this summer. All of them are starring Black people, and all of them are intended to be funny. And some of them are. However, there’s one that stands out from the rest. One that actually made me laugh out loud more than once. And that oneContinue reading “FYS: ‘Sherman’s Showcase’”

FYS: ‘See You Yesterday’

I always have to admit this before I say anything about science fiction: I’m not a science guy. But, I do love fiction, so that will be my only qualification to discuss the charming film I saw this weekend on Netflix titled “See You Yesterday.” The film, produced by Spike Lee and directed by Stefon Bristol and written byContinue reading “FYS: ‘See You Yesterday’”

FYS: ‘Guava Island’

Let’s get this out of the way quickly: Guava Island is not good. It’s ungood. It’s no bueno. Borderline turrible. It’s a 55-minute music video incorporating Childish Gambino songs and featuring Rihanna looking forlorn with gorgeous eyes and beautiful gowns. That’s it. That’s really all it is. It shouldn’t work. It mostly doesn’t work. However, somehow… in the hands of Donald Glover and HiroContinue reading “FYS: ‘Guava Island’”

FYS: ‘American Soul’

So, I’m seven episodes into BET’s American Soul and honestly, I’m still not sure if I like it. Wait, let me take that back. I mean, I do like parts of it. Just not all of it. The limited series is the story of how Soul Train was founded, established, and became the longest-running, hippest trip in America. And… I guess itContinue reading “FYS: ‘American Soul’”

FYS: ‘Black Monday’

Black Monday is a lot of things. It’s a Showtime series that celebrates gluttony during what was called the Decade of Greed–the 1980s. It’s the preamble to the infamous Black Monday on Wall Street, when an anonymous trader caused the world’s largest financial institution to crash. It’s also another excellent vehicle for the incomparable Don Cheadle, who is fresh fromContinue reading “FYS: ‘Black Monday’”