Day 8: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80 Final 10

This is it, the FINAL REVEAL of Dawson’s Ink Presents… THE #INK80. Over the past few weeks, you’ve rocked with me as I’ve celebrated my friends and folks I know that are Activists, Advocates, Artists, CEOs, Changemakers, Creators, Entrepreneurs and Innovators. And while I won’t say that I will ever do this again, what IContinue reading “Day 8: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80 Final 10”

Day 4: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80

Hey! Glad you’ve been rocking with me throughout the first week of THE #INK80 list reveal. After today, 40 names of folks I think are dope will have been revealed, with 40 more folks getting their well-deserved spotlight next week. Today, it’s all about Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators. (Daily reminder: All “rankings” are in alphabeticalContinue reading “Day 4: Dawson’s Ink Presents… The #INK80”