13 Things: Black History Month Edition

1. The biggest thing I took away from #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah isn’t how terrible William O’Neal was, but how young he was. How young they all were. Also, I could watch Dominique Fishback face-act all day long. 2. People who appreciate the way Russell Westbrook plays basketball are the same people that appreciate what Shaq brings toContinue reading “13 Things: Black History Month Edition”

In Appreciation: The BEST of 2019

Let’s keep it real: 2019 feels like it’s lasted at least two years. So much scandal, so much trash that what was really good, what was really great could get lost in all the mess. I’m hoping it doesn’t, and since I have this platform, I’m doing my part to make sure it’s celebrated. MakingContinue reading “In Appreciation: The BEST of 2019”

#FortyLove: 16 Classic Songs Turning 40 This Year

One of the many great things about music is its timelessness. Whether it’s a new track from Tank and the Bangas or a classic from Teena Marie, there is always a song or collection of songs that can serve as your personal soundtrack. Just as there are classic songs, there are classic years for songs. One such yearContinue reading “#FortyLove: 16 Classic Songs Turning 40 This Year”

Five Things About Yolonda Ross, The CHI

Earlier this week,¬†Yolonda Ross, who plays Jada on Showtime’s “The Chi,” sat down with Build NY to discuss the success of the series, her overall career, and her early path from middle America to New York City. Ross was very open about what it takes to carve out a career as a woman, and especiallyContinue reading “Five Things About Yolonda Ross, The CHI”