11 Things I Loved About Genius: Aretha

1. Robert Glasper’s 30 second cameo as Art Tatum. 2. The scene with the pizza box on top of the piano. 3. Courtney B. Vance’s phenomenally slicked back hair wig. 4. The real footage of Aretha with Annie Lennox. 5. The actor who played, and looked remarkably like, Clive Davis. 6. The actress who playedContinue reading “11 Things I Loved About Genius: Aretha”

In Appreciation: The BEST of 2019

Let’s keep it real: 2019 feels like it’s lasted at least two years. So much scandal, so much trash that what was really good, what was really great could get lost in all the mess. I’m hoping it doesn’t, and since I have this platform, I’m doing my part to make sure it’s celebrated. MakingContinue reading “In Appreciation: The BEST of 2019”

FYS: ‘David Makes Man’

I have to admit, I held off on writing a review or recommendation for “David Makes Man” for a few weeks. I wanted to watch a few episodes before I established an opinion. Especially after the first two weeks. They took us on a trip that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be on. However,Continue reading “FYS: ‘David Makes Man’”

FYS: ‘Sherman’s Showcase’

There are a few new sketch shows on television this summer. All of them are starring Black people, and all of them are intended to be funny. And some of them are. However, there’s one that stands out from the rest. One that actually made me laugh out loud more than once. And that oneContinue reading “FYS: ‘Sherman’s Showcase’”

Eight Well-Deserved 2019 EMMY Nominations

The 2019 EMMY nominations were revealed today and let me say, there is a LOT to be happy about as far as nods go. From HBO’s “Game of Thrones” to Netflix’s “When They See Us,” the field is flush with worthy candidates to take home television’s Golden Lady. With the full list available for viewingContinue reading “Eight Well-Deserved 2019 EMMY Nominations”

‘Cry Today, Smile Tomorrow’, Anthony Ramos

It was last weekend when Season 2 of the Spike Lee Joint She’s Gotta Have It dropped on Netflix, giving us the continuing saga of its lead character, Ms. Nola Darling. The sophomore season is filled with life-altering growth for Darling as she dives deeper into her art and struggles with success, what healthy relationships look like, and self-identity. Continue reading “‘Cry Today, Smile Tomorrow’, Anthony Ramos”

FYS: ‘See You Yesterday’

I always have to admit this before I say anything about science fiction: I’m not a science guy. But, I do love fiction, so that will be my only qualification to discuss the charming film I saw this weekend on Netflix titled “See You Yesterday.” The film, produced by Spike Lee and directed by Stefon Bristol and written byContinue reading “FYS: ‘See You Yesterday’”

Happy 25th Anniversary, ‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse’

Question: Do you remember where you were on May 9, 1994? Well if you don’t, it’s OK because thankfully through the magic of videotape and YouTube, you can be reminded where you should’ve been and where you can be at any moment to stamp the exact time when Will Smith, on the set of The Fresh Prince of BelContinue reading “Happy 25th Anniversary, ‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse’”