14 More Things. . .

1. For those wondering, yes I’m still watching Queen Latifah as The Equalizer on CBS. And all I’ll say for now is I never need to see motorcycles or hear the song “Glory” again. And that’s on Common had a little lamb.

2. I’ve tried the Detroit style pizza from Pizza Hut and suffered so you don’t have to. #jesusbeanantacid

3. TV One is operating at peak Blackness as I type this, airing Living Single, A Different World, In Living Color, and The C*sby Show every weekday. Good times. Wait, no. Not Good Times. That’s on Peacock now.

4. Speaking of which, seeing a young Angela Bassett appear in different episodes of The C*sby Show playing different roles made me smile.

5. It’s official: I’m back on my daily Family Feud steez. Don’t at me.

6. I loved Andra Day in “The United States vs. Billie Holiday” and she definitely deserved the Golden Globe last Sunday. I also loved how Regina King rolled up on her during her post-show interview. However, in the midst of all that joy, it’s a damn shame what they (almost) did to that dog.

7. I have a Google Nest, and recently it’s started saying random things without prompting, which I guess is to be expected with AI. Yesterday it said something about the Niger River and lemme just say, it’s one ‘g’ away from being thrown out the window.

8. This week last year, we attended a New York Yankees preseason game in Tampa. This was after traveling to New York and going on a Valentine’s Day visit to the Empire State Building and attending a Broadway play. How we avoided any type of COVID-related symptoms up til now lets me know just how fortunate we are. Sheesh.

9. Seeing anything other than juice in those “Simply” bottles kinda freaks me out. Congrats on them making milk, though. I guess.

10. Watching Jeopardy! makes me feel smart… until I whiff on all the clues in a certain category. Then I be humbled than a mug.

11. People in my neighborhood go jogging every day right before sunset. I be seeing them out my window. That’s all I got…

12. That followup to “The Coldest Winter Ever” has received the coldest reviews ever online. It’s the gap between books for me.

13. Speaking of which, by the time you read this “Coming 2 America” will likely be streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It’s been a long time between films. Still, let’s treat this as one of the nice things we never get to have. Unless it stinks like SoulGlo. Then, well… I got nothing.

14. Dear #Atlanta: This weekend is a terrible idea. Having parties is a terrible idea. Also, please use the phrase “Spread Love” with the greatest discretion and without adding “super” at the beginning. As terrible as it’s becoming, the #NBA is all some of us have during these pandemic months. Let’s let it keep going. Please and thanks.

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