Midweek Music Break: “Best Kept Secret,” TL Cross

I was today years old when I found out there was a video for the track “Best Kept Secret” by TL Cross. No, really… I was listening to Apple Music and the track came up, so I decided to Google and see anything would pop up and, BOOM! There was the video, created eight years ago by Cross and his team.

I remember the first time I saw Cross aka LeVar Wilson. It was at SOB’s on a random Tuesday night. He was one of the performers during the Eric Roberson-hosted Soul Village, and literally made an entrance one could never forget. The man had a full band, background singers, signs saying “Cross for President”… it was a dope display. And then there’s the music. The music? It was so good, so melodic, so R&B, I immediately bought a CD from his merch table. And have been a fan ever since.

What I love is how he represents for R&B, for the culture, and especially for his hometown of Jamaica, Queens. The video for “Best Kept Secret” is based exclusively in south Jamaica, showcasing the Baisley Projects, Jamaica Ave and Nu-Tribe Barber Shop–all staples and representative of the rich history of the borough. I love it all, and while watching it, kinda felt the way I did the first time I saw Cross perform. Like I was witnessing something special.

I also got to work with Cross back in 2009 when a collection of male artists lended their voices to a project I helped produce honoring the 15th anniversary of Mary J. Blige’s My Life. Cross covered the MJB hit “You Gotta Believe.”

So take a quick break and check the video, and then feel free to do a deep dive on TL Cross the artist, the web series host, the culture creator. He’s all of those things, as well as underrated.

Yeah, like a best kept secret. Get familiar with this talented cat. You won’t regret it.

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