Dawson’s Ink Presents… The 2020 BIG WILLIES!

I wanted to do one more thing–one more BIG thing–before 2020 ended. After creating this, and then this, there still seemed like something was missing. Something that would add an exclamation point to the year. Or at least a period. And then it hit me: an interactive award show where even more flowers can be handed out. It’s actually something that’s been rumbling around in my mind for a while now, and with this downtime came the clarity and the opportunity to put it together. For us. By us. Yup.

Soooo… WELCOME TO THE 2020 BIG WILLIES, where WE get to choose some of our faves from the past 12 months. Below are TEN categories, which contain four nominees each. Over the next two weeks, using the forms provided, you’ll be able to submit your votes to determine this year’s best MALE ACTOR, FEMALE ACTOR, BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE, OUTSTANDING SERIES, MALE MUSIC ARTIST, FEMALE MUSIC ARTIST, RISING ARTIST, OUTSTANDING DUO/GROUP, OUTSTANDING BOOK (FICTION), and OUTSTANDING BOOK (NONFICTION).

All winners will be revealed Wednesday, December 16th. Are you ready? Then let’s GO! Here are the nominees:

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