“When The Rain Starts,” Freedom Begins for Infinity Song

By now you must know how much I love the group Infinity Song. Their debut EP “Mad Love” is in constant rotation and when I’m not attempting to dance with the joy of Abraham, I’m in awe of Angel’s fashion and falsetto, Momo’s songwriting and insane tone, Israel’s guitar shreds, and Victory’s angelic voice. Their latest video drops today for one of my favorite songs from the EP, and it just made me want to hang out with the Boyds even more. No, for real.

Directed and edited by group member Angel Boyd, “When The Rain Starts” is a new look at the philosophical concept of existentialism as seen through a Black lens. The new music video finds Infinity Song in the vastness of the desert as they evoke, through elemental body movements, a sense of true freedom. Check the video below and get familiar with my faves. I promise you’ll love them, too.

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