Seven Times SNL Skits Have Made Me Snicker This Season

OK, here’s where I admit that before last year I hadn’t watched SNL regularly for years. I caught a viral clip every now and then on Youtube and kept it pushing. I stopped checking in after the previous cast took off, and have been following them (Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig et al) on their new endeavors instead of giving this cast my full attention. It didn’t help that last season was politically fueled, with Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey delivering ham-handed impressions of Trump and Biden, respectively. It was too much.

It was during last season’s pandemic episodes where the cast worked from home that I was kinda back on board. It was creative and… funny. Kate McKinnon’s cat lady had me at hello. Having Kenan Thompson hosting Zoom work calls made me laugh. I was already loving Aidy Bryant from her Hulu series “Shrill” and watching her break in almost every sketch in which she participated was a joy. And it gave the newer members a chance to shine: I thoroughly enjoyed Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett when they had to create in their home spaces. All of it got me back on board, and I was genuinely sad when Kenan, Kate, Aidy, and Cecily Strong were on the verge of leaving after the season.

Thankfully, they’re all back and the momentum from last season has carried over. The writing has gotten better (and less political, although the new Trump impressionist has been eerily spot on!) and the sketches have more variety. With diversity being an issue in past seasons, it’s dope to tune in and see Chris Redd, Punkie Johnson, Ego Nwodim, and the OG Thompson featured and filling the screen on a regular basis. I say all that to say I’m all in once again, and since we’re in the first holiday break portion of the season, it’s a good time to look back at a few of the sketches that made me laugh this season.

Below are seven, which feature a surprisingly good Kim Kardashian, a chillingly real cable sketch, Pete Davidson in a non-cringeworthy clip, Ego shining as and with an icon, Redd being Redd, an ode to Bone Thugs-N-Pet Stores, and of course, the return of Sudeikis, Armisen, and my all-time favorite BET show!

Check the clips and then let me know if there were any sketches that kept you in stitches.


Let me know which sketches have made you laugh during this current season.

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