Monologuing In: Who Says it Best–Randall Pearson or Miranda Bailey?

If you follow this site then you know I love television. What I love about television is the writing. The good writing. The brilliant writing. Everything else is just background noise, or mindless entertainment. But when there’s good writing, combined with good and sometimes even great acting, there’s nothing better. Nothing. It fills my soul. Every time. Which makes these two characters–Randall Pearson of This Is Us, played by Sterling K. Brown, and Dr. Miranda Bailey of Grey’s Anatomy, played by Chandra Wilson, two of my favorite characters on television (alongside Toby Ziegler of The West Wing, but I digress…).

I could go on and on with a real battle premise, making it a version of Verzuz or presenting a tale of the tape to list their vital stats. But I won’t, because there’s no need. They’re both amazing actors. And what sets them apart, besides their talent, is the writing. And their execution of said writing. These two give some of the best speeches, deliver some of the best monologues.

Last night, while watching the latest episode of This Is Us, when Randall gave his toast to his sister Kate and her new husband, it made me think about monologues, and all of the great ones these characters have delivered through the years. All of it leads me to ask, who delivers better speeches: Dr. Bailey or *spoiler alert* Senator Pearson?

Below are just a few of their shining moments. Take a look at the vids and then let me know who you think does it better since clearly I cannot–and will not–choose.

Randall Pearson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

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