History Has Its Eyes On These: Six Documentaries to Watch This Juneteenth Weekend

This weekend is chock full of reasons to celebrate life. It’s the annual celebration of the national holiday Juneteenth, and with it comes a wide array of events and programs to commemorate the day. Sunday is also Father’s Day, and although I’d like to claim the day for myself as a proud plant dad, that probably won’t work.

Instead, I’ll focus on the programming taking place over the next few days that will celebrate a few of the many stories of Black America. From a documentary produced by Lebron James and Maverick Carter about the baseball players that came after the iconic, history-making, door-opening superstar Jackie Robinson to a unconventional hip-hop musical that places a spotlight on Black culture, there’s something for everyone to watch.

Check the list below and see what else will be playing and where. And celebrate! It’s a perfect weekend for giving thanks for the culture. And for life.

After Jackie (2022) | History Channel

Synopsis: The story of the second wave of talented Black baseball players after Jackie Robinson, including Bill White, Curt Flood and Bob Gibson, who were up next in the fight for racial equality.

Civil (2022) | Netflix

Synopsis: Ben Crump, also known as “Black America’s attorney general,” pulls back the curtain on his life as a family man and civil rights leader.

Fight the Power: The Movements That Changed America (2022) | History Channel

Synopsis: A look at the movements, the moments and the legendary leaders of some of this country’s most pivotal public protests and how they have shaped society, laws and culture.

High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America (2021) | Netflix

Synopsis: Food writer Stephen Satterfield traces the origins of African-American cuisine, tracing its through lines from Africa to Texas.

It’s a Wonderful Plight (2019) | Amazon Prime

Synopsis: A well-intentioned but privileged white man who appreciates Black art and culture embarks on a musical journey to self-awareness.

Juneteenth: A Celebration of Overcoming (2020) | Hulu

Synopsis: An observance of Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating the end of slavery in America, and its meaning to the ongoing struggle for black equality in America.

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